SupportFTP Clients Information

FTP Clients Information

Uploading files to your Hosting account is an important, but sometimes confusing process.  In this article I hope to make it simple for you to understand what is invlolved.

Getting Started:

The First thing that you will need is an FTP client. There are many of these available and lots of them are free. The one that we recommend and use ourselves is Filezilla. You can download a copy of this free sofware here
Filezilla Download

Once you have downloaded and installed this software it can be run just like any other program on your computer.

Connecting To Your Hosting Account

So now that we have the client lets get connected. The simplist way to connect is to use the quickconnect option.

You will find this at the top of the filezilla window. There are 4 empty fields. Host, Username, Password

In the mail that we sent out with your hosting account details, you will see a section dealing with ftp details
These are the details that you will be using.

The Host Field

In the host field you will need to put  or  you can use the ip address of ther server

The Username Field

In here your will need to put the username sent out to you in the mail

The Password Field

In here you will need to put the password that was sent out to you in the mail

And thats it click quick connect and if you have entered the details correctly, you will be able to see the files in your hosting account on the right hand side of the filezilla client (Under Remote Site).

Storing A Connection

At the top left of the filezilla client there is an image of a computer with a little down arrow.

Click this icon and the site manager window will open.

Click the new site button

Where the new site appears name it something meaningful.

On the right hand side fill in the Host as you did previously for a quick connection.

Now change the logonType to Normal.

Then Fill in the user and password fields as you did with the quick connect (note: it is not secure to store passwords, we reccommend that you store them either off your pc or using some form of encryption tool. A  free password safe is available at

Finally press ok. The connection is now stored. You can access this and  other connections by clicking the down arrow on the computer icon in the top left hand corner.

Changing File Permissions

Occasionally it is neccessary to change the file permisions on certain files within your hosting account. The reason for this is often to allow an application access to write, execute and read certain files.

Filezilla makes it easy to do this. Simply open up your hosting account locate the file that you need to change permissions on, then right click the file or folder and choose the file permissions option from the menu.

A simple interface for changing the permissions then pops up. You can then set up the permissions as needed.