InfoWhen is a Vps (virtual private server) Needed?

When is a Vps (virtual private server) Needed?

Busy Website
If you have a website that has become popular and is quite busy, then the website may need more resources in order to serve the website quickly to every visitor that hits one of its pages. Vps servers offer more resources than standard shared hosting and they also offer greater configuration options.
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Multiple Websites
If you are interested in setting up multiple websites, a vps can be a good way to achieve this. This is especially true, if you were to opt for one of the Hosting Management software packages such as WHM ( web host manager) or HELM for windows. These packages allow you to easily manage your vps through a simple web based interface. Each account created also has its own Cpanel or Helm interface so that each individual account can be managed quickly and easily.
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Specific Code Environment
Some projects may require a specific version or setup of PHP or ASP for example which may not be available to you through a shared hosting account, a vps lets you configure these environments exactly how you need them.
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Server Configuration
With a vps you are in control. If you want to run a particular type of software on your server then you can do this. There are also several packages which you can choose to have installed on your server such as Softaculous and R1soft CDP Continuous Data Protection & Server Backup