InfoWhy isn't my site on Google?

Why isn’t my site on Google?

We often get asked “Why isn’t my website showing up on Google searches?”

For a large majority of internet users, Google is the internet.
Therefore; if your website is not in Google, then your website effectively doesn’t exist!
While not necessarily accurate, this is a viewpoint many people have.

In this post we will cover two important aspects of the relationship between your website and Google.

1. How do I get my site on Google?

You may or may not of heard about search engine “spiders”, these spiders crawl the internet as a spider crawls around it’s web.
These spiders are no more than intricate computer programs that visit every website they find.
Once your site has been visited by one of these spiders your pages will begin to be indexed in Google’s search results.

The question is, how do they know your website exists to visit it?

There are a few ways to ensure Google’s spiders know your website exists.

1. Probably the best way for Google to find your site is through a link on someone’s website. However this can be difficult to accomplish if you are new to this whole area.

2. Submit your site to Google; Google have provided a form that can be completed and submitted online. It can be found here : Submit your site to Google This can take a while however so it requires some patience.

3. Add Google’s Analytic code to your website; signing up to Google’s Analytic software alerts Google to your website’s existence.

All three of the above methods will end up with your site being indexed by Google. Once indexed your site will appear for searches for your domain name : e.g “”

2. How do I get more visitors from Google?

Getting top spot for competitive search phrases can bring your website the visitors you need. It’s all well and good coming top spot for people searching for your domain name, but how often do people search for that?

It is far more important to come high in the search results for terms around your business. For instance if you are running a car hire website, people looking for car hire in Dublin will generally type in to Google search phrases like :

Car hire Dublin
Cheap car hire in Dublin
Dublin car hire

This is where website optimisation comes in, optimising a website for performance in Google requires an understanding of the search phrases people are searching for around the services or products your website is selling.

Hosting Ireland offer services to assist you in getting your website to perform to it’s maximum in Google and other search engines. For more information please see our web marketing information or give us a call on 1890 987000 to discuss what we can do for your website.