NewsAlmost 100 .ie domains registered every day in 2015

Almost 100 .ie domains registered every day in 2015

The IEDR (.IE Registry) has published some facts and figures about the .IE domain name:-

– 35,225 new .ie domains registered in 2015, a 13% increase on 2014;

– Net additions (new registrations less non-renewed .ie domain registrations) up 48%, the highest number recorded since 2011;

– Dublin, Cork and Galway account for highest number of registrations in 2015;

– .ie registrations in rural Munster, Ulster and Connacht lagging significantly behind Leinster.

Hosting Ireland is the fastest growing .ie registrar, what does that mean? Well when you take the net amount of registrations we process (that is new registrations less non-renewals) then we are growing faster than any other registrar… So out of almost 100 Registrars we account for nearly one in every eight .ie domains registered in Ireland.

Here’s the IEDR infographic summary:-