WordPress and Litespeed – the Perfect Partnership!

Faster WordPress performance with Hosting Ireland & LiteSpeed

Here at Hosting Ireland, we definitely understand our customers have a need for speed. That’s why we invest in the best hardware and software technology to make sure the websites we host can work as fast as possible.

Hosting Ireland provides LiteSpeed for free to our customers when they purchase one of our optimised WordPress hosting packages and we’ed like to tell you a little more about Litespeed and how it improves your WordPress installation.

Our WordPress packages are hosted on servers running the lightweight and efficient LiteSpeed webserver. Built by LiteSpeed themselves, the LSCache plugin for WordPress is tightly integrated with the web server which enables significant performance improvements by caching at the web server layer.

Optimised WordPress hosting is a great choice for your WordPress installation…

The great thing about WordPress hosting is that it allows you to get your website up and running very quickly, and you should be able to get a great looking site even with no prior experience, and definitely without needing to do any coding.
As you get more experience and delve a little deeper into the inner workings of WordPress, you can use your knowledge to extend and improve your site, it’s one of those things where your site can grow with you and your business.
If you’re just getting started with website technology, WordPress makes it easy to do all kinds of things. Even normally complex things like e-commerce can be simply achieved using WordPress plug-ins. This saves you time, money, and ultimately problems.

How LiteSpeed does its job…

LiteSpeed works by indexing and caching the content of your WordPress site and providing faster access to the most needed resource assets. By serving content locally, from your own server, you’ll get a huge reliability boost and because you’re using the LiteSpeed cache, it will most likely result in a speed increase as well.

What you need to put LiteSpeed to work for you…

Actually all you need is one of our WordPress hosting packages (Standard, Premium or Developer), and there’s absolutely no effort required on your part. When you setup your WordPress site Litespeed will be there ready to go. It’s a hassle-free and simple system that works tirelessly in the background keeping your site loading optimally.

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress is unprecedented power for sites…

Every WordPress site that uses the LiteSpeed Cache plug-in to communicate with the LiteSpeed Web Server (LWS) will notice dramatic improvement in page loading times.
More than half a million sites are already using this technology to improve the performance of their web pages and the experience of their site visitors.

Automates tedious chores and keeps your site primed…

One of the best things about LiteSpeed for WordPress is that it has so much automation bundled into it. Tasks that you would normally need to spend a lot of time on can now be handled for you automatically, freeing you to do more important things with your time.
It can, for example, automatically minify all your HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other text based server assets. This can be turned on or off, according to your preferences, but this can squeeze out that last drop of performance to push your PageSpeed score from 99 to 100.
Another really interesting feature is that it can consolidate all your JavaScript and CSS files. This can provide an advantage by reducing the total number of individual HTTP requests made, and also helps avoid code duplication. It’s just a small boost, but it can make a big difference in the overall score of your site, potentially affecting your page rank in a positive way.
Even though you should do your best to optimise your images manually before uploading them to the server, LiteSpeed for WordPress will also automatically check your images and apply any necessary additional optimisation that may be possible to eke out.

Pushing the edge of the speed limit and beyond…

LiteSpeed is already helping make websites among the fastest on the Web, and it’s only going to be getting better as time goes by.
Right now, LiteSpeed uses a technology called HTTP/2 Push to predict what the browser needs and get things ready to serve up before the browser requests them. HTTP/3 will be taking this to the next level, and that’s going to be happening very soon.

Try any WordPress hosting package from as little as €3.95 plus vat per month, if you’re not entirely happy within the first 30 days we’ll give you your money back! That’s our promise…

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