InfoCMS options Joomla - Wordpress - phpBB

CMS options Joomla – WordPress – phpBB

Content Management is an essential tool for large websites and for those of us who do not wish to spend the time learning how to write code. There are many content management systems available and I will outline some of them here. Those that I will outline are also available to install for free within our linux pro hosting accounts using an easy to use interface called fantastico.


Joomla is an open source content management system that allows you full control over the look and workings of your website. The learning curve for Joomla is a little bit steep to begin with, but there is lots of documentation and help available at the joomla help forums . If you are looking for a CMS that integrates your database and allows you full control through a web based admin interface, but may require a little learning to get the best from it, then Joomla could be for you. Joomla also offers many free templates for your site that are relatively simple to install and begin using.

Word Press

WordPress is an open source blogging software. Infact the blog you are now reading has been set up using the WordPress software. WordPress is very easy to use and set up and also offers free templates to use and install. These templates enable you to get the right “look and feel” for your blog. What WordPress isn’t is an entire website CMS. It is a simple and easy way to set up a blog as part of your current site or if to set up a blog as your website.


phpBB stands for php bulletin board. This is open source forum software. It enables you to manage and moderate the forums you can set up through its admin panel. This software makes setting up a forum easy. You can moderate users privileges on the forum, easily add a new forum and edit/moderate existing forums.