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Antivirus and Antispam Software

As we use the web and our computers more and more to do common tasks such as online banking etc; the need to secure your personal information and your pc is growing ever more important.

The bank websites do all they can to ensure their sites are safe and secure. However they are only as secure as your computer. If your computer becomes infected with a virus such as a keylogger. Then the next time you visit the bank site and enter your details they will be logged and could be used to access your accounts.

There is no good reason not to protect your pc. Without antivirus and password protection your pc is an open door.

So how can we protect ourselves from these potential attacks?

Firstly don’t download software unless you are confident that its source is genuine.
Store sensitive passwords in encrypted files rather than simple plain text files. You could use a password safe such as Key Pass it is simple to use and very secure.
But ontop of these simple measures, you should also get good Antivirus Software We recommend and also use the Eset range of Antivirus Antispam and Firewall software. As official partners with Eset, we can offer you a great price on this software range – cheaper than if you were to buy it direct.
There is also a free trial available on these products click to find out more about free trial