InfoThe Gumblar Virus: protect yourself and your data

The Gumblar Virus: protect yourself and your data

The Gumblar Virus
Malware and viruses are continually being developed to try and exploit inexperienced users and also any weakness within Operating systems and commonly used programs. A common malware / virus that is infecting a lot of web sites is the JSRedir-R or gumblar virus. This virus basically sits on an existing page and redirects you (a visitor the page) from the page you thought you were visiting and takes you to a site that then attempts to download malicious code onto your computer.

If your pc, or a pc of someone who has your ftp details on their computer becomes infected with this virus, it is highly likely that your web site(s) will also become infected. What this means in real terms, is that your web site will infect the computers of your customers and others who visit it. Eventually Google and other search engines will figure this out and they will then list your site as one which is spreading malware.

solutions and preventative measures
To learn how you can protect your pc and your web sites why not take a look at our page on Ftp security