NewsCDP (continous data protection) Server Backup Tool

CDP (continous data protection) Server Backup Tool

We now offer the several options for server backups using R1soft CDP software.

R1Soft CDP is running on more than 150,000 mission critical Windows and Linux servers worldwide and is designed by Data Center Engineers for Data Center Engineers. R1Soft Continuous Data Protection is the only CDP Software that protects both Windows and Linux servers. With R1soft’s high performance backup, restore, and disaster recovery software, continuous Data Protection is affordable and easy-to-use.

Option 1
The First is the option to have a scheduled backup done through one of our backup servers. This simply involves adding the cdp option that suits your needs as an addon to the dedicated server or vps that you have with us or are going to get with us.
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Option 2
The second option is to rent the R1soft server backup software from us and set it up on your own server to create regular backups to another server. While this is more involved, it does save you money.
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