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Cloud Linux

CloudLinux is an operating system (OS) that is commercially supported and interchangeable with the most popular RPM-based distribution on the market.

CloudLinux uses LVE technology
LVE is an isolation technology that increases server density, stability and reliability. If you want to find out more then you can read about it here Find Out More

Some of the Hightlights of CloudLinux
1. Give hosting providers control over CPU resources (I/O and memory limits to be released)
2. Prevent individual accounts from slowing down or taking down a server
3. Protect servers from unpredictable issues that drain resources for other tenants
4. Increase density so you can host more tenants on one server
5. Identify accounts that are over-using resources so you can address their needs
6. Lower risk and increase efficiency on shared servers Improve server performance

CloudLinux is available for both Dedicated Servers and Vps Servers.
If your’re interested in finding out more about CloudLinux visit our page.