News.Me Domain Names Now Available

.Me Domain Names Now Available

We are now offering the .me domain name. The .me domain name is the national tld for Montenegro, however because of its uniquely personal tone, the .me domain is being widely adopted as a social tld. As you can imagine, there are quite a few combinations with .me, two examples are “” and “”. The tld is also unrestricted, which means that if it is available you can register it.
To check domain availability view our .me domain name registration page.

Why not get “yourname”.me
What better domain to set up a personal site or blog under, than a .me. Why not check and see if “” is available ?

How will Google respond to a .me domain?
With so much interest in the .me domain name, and with a lot of domain names being registered that are not specifically aimed at Montenegro, it would be fair to wonder whether perhaps Google will adjust how it views this tld and that perhaps it will view it as more of a global tld with a wide appeal rather than simply of interest to Montenegro.