InfoNew Installable Scripts For Your Shared Hosting

New Installable Scripts For Your Shared Hosting

We have recently updated the software that allows you to install popular software to your shared hosting account. This means there are some new and updated scripts for you to use:

1) Form Tools -> 2.0.5
Form Tools is an open source (free!) PHP / MySQL script that provides any existing web form with a backend database and a user-friendly interface to manage the form submission data, plus a wealth of tools for managing and manipulating your form data.

2) Contao -> 2.9.4
Contao is an open source content management system (CMS) for people who want a professional internet presence that is easy to maintain.

3) Plogger -> 1.0
Plogger is a simple yet powerful tool — everything you need to share your images with the world. Plogger is your photos integrated into your website, a fully featured photo sharing package with an attractive and easy to use administrative interface that makes managing your galleries a breeze.

4) Dolibarr -> 2.9.0
Dolibarr ERP/CRM is a modern software to manage your company or foundation activity (contacts, suppliers, invoices, orders, stocks, agenda, …).It’s an opensource software (wrote with PHP language) designed for small and medium companies, foundation and freelances

5) DoceboLMS -> 4.0.4
DoceboLMS is a SCORM compliant Open Source e-Learning platform used in corporate, government and education markets.

6) LetoDMS -> 2.0.2
LetoDMS is an open-source document-management-system based on PHP and MySQL published under the GPL.

7) phpDocumentor -> 1.4.3
phpDocumentor, sometimes referred to as phpdoc or phpdocu, is the current standard auto-documentation tool for the php language.

9) Vtiger -> 5.2.1
vtiger CRM is a free, full-featured, 100% Open Source CRM software ideal for small and medium businesses.

10) BlueERP -> 0.7
BlueERP is a double entry accounting application for small and medium business. Written in PHP, it is delivered through a LAMP environment to provide web access to your accounts.

11) Omeka -> 1.3.2
Create complex narratives and share rich collections, adhering to Dublin Core standards with Omeka on your server, designed for scholars, museums, libraries, archives, and enthusiasts.

12) PHPKode Guestbook -> 1.0
PHPKode™ Guestbook is a simple yet powerful Free PHP guestbook script using Ajax. The Guestbook features for easy to install, easy to integrate into your existing sites and an advanced anti-spam function.

1) Oxwall -> 1.0.3
Oxwall is used for a wide range of projects starting from family sites and custom social networks to collaboration tools and enterprise community solutions.

2) ExtCalendar -> 2.0
ExtCalendar is a powerful multi-user web-based calendar application. Features include Multi-Languages, Themes, Recurrent Events, Categories, Users and Groups management, Environment and General Settings, Template Configuration, Product Updates.

3) Beatz -> 1.1
4) SimpleInvoices -> 2010.2
Simple Invoices is a free, open source, web based invoicing system that you can install on your server/pc or have hosted by one of our services providers.

5) Etano -> 1.22
Open source software for setting up a dating site.

6) SimplePie -> 1.2
SimplePie is a very fast and easy-to-use class, written in PHP, that puts the ‘simple’ back into ‘really simple syndication’.