NewsOnline Backup : CloudBox, From Hosting Ireland

Online Backup : CloudBox, From Hosting Ireland

Online Backup ServiceHosting are pleased to announce that we are now offering Cloud Online Backup services!

We are naming this product “CloudBox” and we currently have three seperate packages available.

The packages are as follows :

CloudBox Backup

Option 1. CloudBox Backup; This product provides you with 1TB of online backup storage and access to the CloudBox backup desktop software. The desktop software runs in the background constantly keeping your files up to date. By checking which files have been modified our backup software doesn’t soak up your PC’s resources and only uploads any modified files.

The files that have been uploaded can be accessed from anywhere, and you can play music files on your IPad, IPhone or Android phone.

CloudBox also keeps the last 30 versions of your files, so even if you overwrite an important document then a backup of your backup is also available!

Our CloudBox software will also work on MAC as well as Windows PC’s

CloudBox Backup + ProSync

Option 2. CloudBox ProSync; With CloudBox ProSync, you’ll get everything that CloudBox Backup offers plus a special new drive on your computer. It appears just like a USB drive. However, unlike a USB drive files put on your ProSync account are automatically synced online and across all your computers. Use it to keep all your work, photos, music in one place and the same across all your PCs – even between Windows and Mac!

Many competing products offer a folder for syncing. Because CloudBox ProSync appears as a drive it integrates with your computer at the lowest level meaning it syncs superfast and it doesn’t slow down your computer. Changes on one computer appear on other computers in seconds.

CloudBox Business

Option 3. CloudBox Business; With CloudBox Business you get every feature available in our other packages plus a simple answer to a complicated problem. Simply install the CloudBox Business software on every computer in your business and it’ll work automatically in the background to backup everything on those computers online. It also provides the ProSync feature of providing a drive for sharing files with other synced PC’s.

You will also get full FTP, SFTP and WebDAV access to everything on your CloudBox Business storage.
If you are interested in finding out more about our online backup service please contact our support team today on : 1890 987000