NewsThe Irish Online Address....

The Irish Online Address….

There’s lots of talk about Postcodes coming to Ireland and the latest is they will be here in the first quarter of 2015, another year away. No doubt this is good news for Ireland, especially if you’re dependent upon that important parcel delivery and have that nagging doubt in your mind that it might not get to you.

Online it different, getting a .ie domain means an address that everyone can find and people know it’s authentic. True a .ie domain name is a little harder to get than other domains names, but that is what is so great. If your a legitimate business with a RBN (Registered Business Name) number or have a Company Registration Number then it’s easy…

Alternatively you might have a legitimate claim to the domain because your a charity or association and in most cases a claim letter will provide the necessary information for your .ie domain name to be registered to you.

If you have any questions about .ie domain name registration ask our team by calling 1890 987000

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