NewsHosting Ireland Has Your Back.....

Hosting Ireland Has Your Back…..

As told by one of our customers…

About 8 years ago I was running from one low cost hosting company to another and all the time I ran into problems with absolutely no support, thankfully I had a friend from the UK who was more techie than I was at the time and he was my go to guy when I had a problem, one day I asked him to recommend a good hosting company with great support and he recommended a company based in Manchester. The company was expensive but he was correct the support was really good.

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At the time I was running a website for a local company Tramore Surf School and I had a chance & brief encounter with the owner of Hosting Ireland, telling me he found our company online, a conversation ensued about websites and he asked me to give Hosting Ireland a go for my next website. A little time past and the Irish economy worsened and I became ever more conscience of supporting local businesses so I moved my own hosting to Hosting Ireland, I found Hosting Ireland brilliant, the knowledge, professionalism and passion the guys working their have for their company was amazing.

As time passed by I felt It was time to put my own technical knowledge to use and I started my own waterford website design company, initially I went with the reseller plan which gave me access to a shared server the price was cheaper than anything comparable offered in the rest of Ireland and the software worked great, it used CPANEL which I was already very familiar with and was compatible with most of the different CMS I was using including Joomla, WordPress, Magento and Drupal. As my company expanded I realised the need to establish my own hosting company (to make billing my customers easier) and I registered an account with WHMCS, this was a big step for me and also meant purchasing my first VPS which at this stage would be from Hosting Ireland, again from a quick research online I found the price was the best priced option for my business and I was happy to be continuing my relationship with Hosting Ireland.

Having never used a VPS before I found myself a little out of my depth but the team at Hosting Ireland did a great job of supporting me and the VPS till I got the hang of things. We purchased the VPS a year ago now and I am happy to say in our first year in business we setup over 60 websites (more than 1 a week) and are super happy with the service from Hosting Ireland.

I would recommend Hosting Ireland to any of my friends or customers because of their amazing support, quick response to support tickets, technical knowledge, passion in what they do and great price. Hosting Ireland is a great example of a company that does things the right way, they look after their customers and know how important good customer service is, in the 100 times I have called Hosting Ireland on the phone I do not think I ever waited anymore than 60 seconds for someone to answer the phone.

Hosting Ireland treats its customers like real people.


*Nick Butler*

Senior Sales & Website Developer