One and Two letter .ie domain names are now available for Pre-Application. ‘Landrush’ phase opens shortly, but why wait? You can secure your application for your perfect short .ie domain name today.

As an IE Accredited Registrar Hosting Ireland is geared up to process One or Two letter .IE domain names applications for the ‘Landrush’ phase which commences on 21st February 2015.

What you need to know about ‘Landrush’ and ‘General Availability’.

The following domains have already been registered during the ‘Sunrise Phase’ aa, bp, bt, cl, cp, ea, ef, ey, f, fb, hm, hp, ig, jd, m, pp, qb, r, rb, t, te, wu, zf, 3, which means there are over 600 short .ie domains names still available!

‘Landrush’ application phase:-

1. The ‘Landrush’ application process will open on 21st February 2016 and run for 30 days until 22nd March 2016. However, you can pre-book your application now.
2. All ‘Landrush’ applications must meet the standard .IE registration criteria.
3. The non-refundable application fee has been reduced to €149.00 plus vat (was €199.00 plus vat).
4. Applications will be responded to within 48-72 hours.
5. If there is more than one legitimate application for the domain then the application process will proceed to an auction process which is planned for late March. Your application fee will become your auction entrance fee.

General Availability:-

1. Any remaining domains after ‘Landrush’ phase will be available on a ‘first come first served’ basis.
2. All applications must meet the standard .IE registration criteria.
3. Pricing will be the standard .IE domain registration fee of €19.95 plus vat.

To apply go to One and Two Letter .IE Domain Registration page

The first phase for Trademark holders called ‘Sunrise’ has now closed!

Note:- The following domains are not available to register- ie, ei, ir, us, uk, ni, co, eu, ec, ip, ns, me, ul, rr, ds