NewsRegistration Of .IE Domain Names Could Be Getting Easier...!

Registration Of .IE Domain Names Could Be Getting Easier…!

It’s a know fact that .ie application and registration can be a difficult drawn-out process, but this could be all about to change with the proposed implementation of some changes in the near future.
Currently registering a .ie domain, in most cases, requires two things:-
1. Individuals and Businesses have to provide proof of who they are.
2. A ‘Claim’ is required. The ‘Claim’ would be the claim to the specific domain name and would include a letter explaining why the specific name was chosen and what the domain will be used for.

A proposal has now been submitted that will see an end to the ‘Claim’ element, making domain registration far simpler for everyone.

You can read the full details of the proposed registration changes here.

We at Hosting Ireland really believe that these proposed changes would be great news for everyone looking to get online. For many applications it would just mean providing identification or proof that they are a business. The ‘claim’ that puts many people off applying will be gone…..

If you feel strongly and would like .ie domain registration to be easier too, you can provide feedback on the proposal through the public consultation process, it takes a few seconds and your voice will get heard.