Email HostingGet a professional email address from Hosting Ireland

Get a professional email address from Hosting Ireland

We know what you’re thinking – you already have an email address with one of the free providers, so why pay for one with us? Just take a moment to consider the differences and benefits of an Email Hosting plan.

Create a lasting impression

Your email address with us will use a professional and personalised domain, chosen by you and completely bespoke to you alone. When people see an email appear in their inbox from it stands out far more than one from (for example) In a crowded mailbox, it’s a great way of getting your message across.

Improve your business reputation

An email address at your own domain can help to enhance the reputation of your business. Prospective customers will see that you’re a professional organisation, which will lend credence to your messages and help to set you apart from your competition.

Boost brand awareness

Those who you email will see your business name on every message you send, improving recognition of who you are and what you do. As they’ll have seen the name so often, they’ll be more likely to remember it in the future and subsequently recommend you to friends or family. Word of mouth is the best, and most effective, method of marketing for any business!

We hope that already you’re starting to appreciate just how powerful a business email address can be. As if all of those weren’t enough, there are also some additional benefits that are specific to Hosting Ireland:

Email that grows with you: With Hosting Ireland, you’ll get a fully scalable email plan that grows as your business grows. You can tailor it to suit your exact requirements, rather than paying for a fixed limit that might be either too small or too large for your needs.
Online WebMail: Access your emails from anywhere, at any time, with our user-friendly WebMail. Just visit it as you would a normal website, enter your login details, and away you go! You can also use an email app on your phone/tablet, or a dedicated email client on your computer if you prefer. The choice is yours.
Email management tools: Manage your emails whichever way you like, with a set of useful and intuitive tools that are designed to make your life easier. Forward your emails to another address, set up an “out of office” message, track delivery status, create contact lists and much more! All accessed and configured via the industry-standard cPanel control panel.
Spam & virus protection: You’ll benefit from sophisticated built-in protection that will block most common threats and minimise unwanted junk mail.

Irish technical support

And finally, it goes without saying that Email Hosting from Hosting Ireland will be fully supported by our local Irish support team. You’ll have the peace of mind that can only come from knowing that a friendly group of experts are always standing by and ready to help. Any time you need help or have a query you can call us on 01 9020020 or raise a ticket from within your client area.

Get Irish Email Hosting today

We think you’ll agree that both you and your business will really benefit from a professional email plan that is tailored to your exact requirements.
So, what are you waiting for?

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