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Meet bunq

When starting an online business, you’ll need new tools and services – a tool to build your website, something to help your time management and maybe even a new business bank account.

We want to support your online journey in whatever way we can, so we’re excited to tell you about any company that shares the same entrepreneurial spirit as us. Meet bunq… a sustainable bank that breaks free from tradition.

About bunq
Since 2014, bunq has been on a journey to make money management easy. Their super-simple banking app calculates VAT automatically, integrates seamlessly with your bookkeeping and takes the pain out of budgeting.

Not content with re-imagining banking, bunq is also totally committed to sustainability and being green. Simply by signing up and spending, users have planted over 9 million trees in collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects!

Start planting trees
Want to learn more? Take a look at what bunq can offer… plus, for every Hosting Ireland customer that signs up, bunq will plant an extra 20 trees!